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Peel Region

Run by our Zach Gomes. 

PEEL'S BBQ and Oven

We are Peel's BBQ Cleaning & Repair service. We service Peel and surrounding regions including Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, and much more! 

We pride ourselves in being the top rated barbecue cleaning service in the Peel region and over the years have cleaned thousands of grills in the area. 

Mississauga - Brampton - Caledon - Bolton

MEET ZACH,your local grill hero!

In 2018, Zach embarked on his university journey with aspirations of venturing into entrepreneurship and steering his own business endeavors. It was during this pivotal year that he stumbled upon Grill Hero, then known as Canadian BBQ Boys, igniting a spark of inspiration within him. As a young student with an entrepreneurial spirit, Zach recognized Grill Hero as more than just a job opportunity—it represented a unique platform where he could gain experience in the world of entrepreneurship alongside fellow university students who shared his ambition. Zach’s first two years at the company were spent as a Cleaning Technician specializing in BBQ and oven cleaning and maintenance where he gained valuable experience traveling Ontario and cleaning hundreds of BBQs. By this time he knew the ins and outs of BBQ cleaning and was one of the most experienced cleaners on the team. Through dedication and hard work, Zach steadily progressed into a management role by his third year, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the intricacies of our operations. During these years, Zach had the privilege of serving our valued clients, contributing to the enhancement of their grilling experiences, and leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers. By 2023, Zach graduated university and marked a significant milestone as he took the bold step of purchasing the first franchise from Grill Hero, embarking on an exhilarating new chapter in his career and fulfilling his long time dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Outside of managing the business, Zach finds joy in staying active, whether it's running outdoors, hitting the gym, or enjoying a game of soccer on the field. As he looks ahead to the promising opportunities that 2024 holds, Zach is excited to continue providing top-notch grill and oven maintenance services to the Peel region. With another year on the horizon, he is eager to further solidify Grill Hero's reputation as the go-to destination for all things related to grilling and oven care in his community.

Photo of Zach Gomes cleaning a BBQ
Photo of Zach Gomes
Photo of Franchisee Zach Gomes

BBQ Cleaning

Our service offers a professional barbecue cleaning service to help homeowners get the most out of the grilling season. Our detailed process focuses on removing all grease and grime buildup from all internal and external components of the barbecue.

BBQ Repairs

Our service includes the diagnosis of any issues your BBQ may have and ensuring we get your BBQ working again! With thousands of parts accessible to us

Oven Cleaning

Our Oven Cleaning Service is like no other. We clean your Oven and Range removing years of grease and grime. Cleaned 100% by hand.

Commercial Cleanings

Our services, but on a commercial scale. Including commercial pricing and benefits. Perfect for Business Owners, Property Managers, Catering Businesses and More!

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