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Oven Cleaning

Very Clean Kitchen Aid Oven
How Our Service Works
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What we offer

Grill Hero provides a professional oven cleaning service to assist homeowners in maximizing their cooking experience. Our thorough process is dedicated to eliminating all the grease and residue that accumulates inside and outside the oven, ensuring it operates at its best.

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Booking Your Service

To get a quote and book your service you can contact us directly over the phone or fill out our quote request form by clicking HERE

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What to expect

Once you book your service You will receive a confirmation email with the booking information. On the date scheduled our highly trained professional technician will show up onsite, for 2-3 hours to clean your oven!

Assessment and set up

Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of the oven to identify any faulty or broken components that may be affecting its performance. Following this, we set up a large protective drop cloth to ensure a clean and tidy cleaning process.

Starting to clean

Next, we'll get started by soaking the oven grates in a water and degreaser mix to help loosen up the baked-on grease. While those soak, we tackle the full interior of the oven. We then scrub the oven grates removing all the grease

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Finishing off

We then do a complete exterior cleaning including your stove top (If applicable) removing any spills or dirt we find. Finally, we give the exterior a polish to bring the oven back to a great shine inside and out.

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Here Is Exactly What You Will Get!


Our approach to Oven cleaning involves tackling each component of the Oven individually.

  1. We start by setting up a drop sheet around our workspace to ensure that we leave no mess behind. 

  2. Next, we remove the oven grates from the inside and set those aside for the time being.

  3. We then start working with our food-safe degreaser which helps break down and remove any and all grease and grime built up inside the oven.

  4. After, we clean corners and hard-to-reach places by hand ensuring that nothing is left behind. 

  5. Once the main interior of the oven is cleaned, we then move to the inside of the oven door and glass, once again with our degreaser.

  6. With the inside of the Oven clean, we clean up the grates from the oven ensuring there is no grease or any baked-on mess left on them.

  7. Now that we have finished the complete interior of the Oven including the interior parts/components, we then clean your stove top (If applicable)

  8. Next, we clean up the front of the Oven and all other exterior components of the oven, polishing the stainless steel (if applicable) and cleaning any non-stainless steel parts.

  9. Finally, We do a final quality check of the clean, and gather the Oven's information in case any parts are needed or recommended.

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